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Tectonix Steel Inc. specializes in providing our customers with the highest quality drafting services....

Completed Projects

3D Modeling Structural Steel Detailing

We use cutting edge Tekla Structures detailing software to create a detailed 3-D model of each structure.


Why Tectonix?

Why Choose Tectonix Steel Detailing

Tectonix Steel offers over 30 years of experience providing the highest quality steel detailing using...

Structural Steel Detailing

Tectonix Steel specializes in structural steel detailing for the fabrication of steel used in building construction. Committed to the highest standards, only the best steel detailing in 3-D drawings is guaranteed. By combining an efficient time frame with the latest technology from Tekla Structures, a seamless information flow is achieved from the drafting table to the fabrication shop. Tectonix boasts three priorities—accuracy, efficiency, and clarity on every single drawing until the completion of the project. For steel fabricating companies that provide and install the steel framework for a variety of construction projects throughout the United States, these drawings provide a layout that makes the erection of a framework accurate.



In 2014 I wrote a blog topic about 3d printing.  I want to revisit this topic because technology has indeed progressed to where we see not just a resin base material being developed but metal based materials being used.  So far the use of metal 3D...

It has been a few months since our semi-annual off site meeting.  It was really great to get the company all together to go over our successes and company goals. The off-site meetings also gives our team members time to bond with each other.

Software Technology- The adoption and use of new software is gaining strength within all areas of steel processing and steel detailing. While some detailers are still drawing by hand the majority of Steel Detailers have been using computers to assist...

With 3D printing becoming more widely available to everyone, what are the future applications for this blooming technology? We are already using this technology to produce very detailed and working and beautiful prosthesis for amputees and working...


What Our Clients Says

Tectonix Steel and Ken were punctual, efficient and very easy to work with. They were fully involved in the project and it was completed early. Thanks Ken!


Robert J.


We hired Tectonix for some drafting. Their 3D modeling was very helpful and the guys provided helpful reports and information to make the project go smooth.


Brenton D.

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