Seamless Integration

Seamless integration in the world of structural steel engineering is just what it sounds like—it’s the easy integration between a number of disciplines and skill sets required to take a draft from conception to realization. Using BIM through 3-D modeling and detailing, all resources are combined with zero hiccups and no miscommunication. To ensure a seamless integration, begin by contracting a company that has a flawless reputation and decades of experience. Tectonix is a steel detailing leader that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and only the best detailers for your project.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial project, detailing and drafting is the first step. When clients have access to a 3-D model of the future site, with seamlessly integrated details, this reduces double work and guarantees a site execution that maximizes profit for everyone. However, it’s easier said than done.

Planning Ahead

Seamless integration means creating a model and draft well before the start of construction that also boasts the flexibility to make changes to the original plan if they become necessary. This way, problems are caught and fixed before they even have a chance to occur. Once steelwork has been ordered for fabrication, it’s too late—and money has already been spent. By predicting any problems and rectifying them pre-construction, there’s no chance of a mistake happening. At Tectonix Steel, we’ve developed solid relationships with our colleagues, from construction crews to fabricators, which cements our ability to offer a seamless approach for our clients.

Having a qualified project manager in your corner is just part of the process. Clients also deserve a company that takes a big picture perspective. This means no outsourcing components blindly, cutting corners or “saving time” by nixing the quadruple checks. One mistake can be exponentially costly and even dangerous. A seamless integration process means just that—that there are no seams and, in turn, no room for unplanned surprises.

Eagle-eyed checkers, a solid documentation process and perfect quality control is part of the Tectonix promise. An eye for detail is one thing, but we up the bar to guarantee a process that might look simple, but is fine tuned to work like a well-oiled machine. From the earliest conceptual stage, through 3-D modeling, to the completion of the construction, our team works diligently to oversee each aspect of the project so clients have a “seamless construction”—guaranteed.