Structural Steel Detailing

Tectonix Steel specializes in structural steel detailing for the fabrication of steel used in building construction. We are committed to the highest standards and guarantee only the best steel detailing with 3D drawings. By combining an efficient time frame with the latest technology from Tekla Structures, a seamless information flow is achieved from the drafting table to the fabrication shop. Tectonix boasts three priorities—accuracy, efficiency, and clarity on every single drawing until the completion of the project. These drawings provide a layout that makes the erection of a framework accurate for steel fabricating companies that provide and install the steel framework for a variety of construction projects throughout the United States.

Part engineering and part architecture, structural steel detailing requires the expertise of both industries. From an architect’s perspective, the design and appearance of the future structure is considered. From an engineer’s perspective, the calculations are defined to ensure the building is strong, safe, and accurate. Steel detailing requires both perspectives in order to create drawings that feature precise dimensions for every part of the framework. This precision is crucial as these are the measurements welders and builders will use.

All in the Details

The name says it all—structural steel detailing is an exact science. There’s no room for error, miscalculation, or getting things “good enough.” This is why it’s paramount to choose a skilled detailer with a flawless reputation. However, there’s more to it than a detailer who’s handy with calculations and has an eye for beauty. They need to also be experts on local regulations and guidelines and know the ins and outs of everything from minimum bearing limits to OSHA standards. It’s also a detailer’s job to make a complicated project as easy as possible for building team members.

There’s no room for error when it comes to steel detailing, especially since this part of the process happens in the early stages of planning. Precision is key, and that’s exactly what Tectonix promises. With over 30 years of experience, our steel detailers have an error-free agenda to ensure that clients and colleagues enjoy only the best (and safest) construction from planning and ordering materials to steel fabrication and erection.

All guidelines of construction must be part of your detailer’s repertoire, from any state to any city requirements. This means steel detailers have to keep up with AISC and other common practices. No matter how simple or small a project may seem, it still requires exact measurements and the expertise that only a highly skilled steel detailing firm can provide. Don’t settle for less. Choose Tectonix for the precision you need.