Our Approach

Tectonix Steel: An Industry Leader

Tectonix Steel is a company committed to excellence. We are committed to top quality, higher standards, and strong client relationships to create a company culture that keeps both employees and clients happy.

Almost all Tectonix business comes from repeat clients. Once people experience the quality, value, and commitment of the Tectonix team, we become the obvious choice for all future projects. We are so dedicated to quality that we have one of the highest ratios of checkers to detailers in the industry. When you choose Tectonix Steel, you choose the best.

Our Story

Tectonix started as a result of the vision and commitment of founder Jason Chamberlain. In an industry famous for being run by people with only on-the-job training, Jason was at school for drafting when he took his first structural steel course. After realizing he got an easy A in a difficult class because he loved it, the foundation and spark for Tectonix was born.

After drafting school, Jason worked for two different fabricators where he was in the shop regularly. Since he was required to justify his drawings in the real world with the steel being fabricated, he developed an understanding of the practical side of the business. But Jason had one more real-world lesson to learn before Tectonix was founded.

He moved to a detailing company, detailing for multiple fabricators, and soon found that all fabricators are unique. With their own sets of standards, procedures, and preferences for how they like their drawings presented, Jason realized his direct experience with just two fabricators was not enough to meet the needs of all; he would need to learn and adapt to the needs of each fabricator.

When he started Tectonix Steel in 2002, he took this lesson with him. Tectonix is committed to relationships with our clients. We learn your preferences, understand your needs, and adapt drawings to your standards. It is a time-consuming process, but we are dedicated to building long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships.

Tectonix Today

Jason has built Tectonix with careful recruitment and training of detailers and checkers with the same real-world experience and interest in lifelong learning. He is not only training his own staff but was recruited by a local university to lend his expertise to the detailers of the future as a professor. Jason is passionate about sharing his experience with the next generation and excited about the future of the industry.

Tony Sanchez, production manager, was a star student at UVU, and now he runs the overall detailing production. With a bachelor’s degree in Technology Management and associate degree in Engineering Graphics and Drafting Technology, he ensures Jason’s attention to detail is part of the entire staff’s commitment. To learn more about the Tectonix team, check out our Management Profiles page.

If you would like to learn how to become a preferred client or learn about career opportunities with Tectonix, please reach out to client services or stop by the office. We are happy to show you how you could become part of the Tectonix family.

Meet the Team

Tectonix Steel’s reputation for quality is well known, but we’re only as good as our team.


Jason Chamberlain

Founder & CEO


Tony Sanchez

Production Manager


Jared Walker



Steve Holdaway

Sales and Estimating Manager